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Find a lesson

To find the lesson you are interested in go through: DIVISION→TOPIC→LESSON

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Get free or buy

If it is free, just put it to your basket if there is a price for it you will need to go through payment procedure.

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Log in and study online

Log in to your user zone, open the lesson, read the text, memorize the vocabulary and complete the tasks.

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Check your progress

Assess how much you have learned – just take a test and, if necessary, come back to studying.

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Speak English at a professional level

Practise the vocabulary in real life contexts and develop your communicative potential.


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1Choose your lesson

Choose the division you are interested in. Then find the topic that meets your needs. Each topic is divided into lessons (DIVISION→TOPIC→LESSON). There are lessons for free that you can get from EFBWEB.COM. Try these and see how they are structured. All you need to do is to fill in the New User form and give us your e-mail. We need it to send a password to you. When you receive it use your e-mail address as your login and enjoy your free lessons. No other commitments! If you like our free lessons you can always buy lessons at very attractive prices. Just log in and check out our offer! If you want to buy some of our lessons right away the procedure is the same. Only remember that purchasing at least 3 lessons at one go you can choose a free bonus: a crossword of your choice from our Special Bonus Offer.

2Log in and go through the lesson

Each lesson consists of a text you should study carefully before you go on. Most important words and phrases are in bold print. Pay special attention to them. Once you have learned (and listened to) the material you can go through units (2-5) composed of 5 tasks each (LESSON→UNITS→TASKS). For your comfort and efficiency of learning we have divided vocabulary into short lists (11-17 words). This will facilitate the learning process. During the session, in case you needed it, you can always come back to the text and study it once again. You can freely go through the whole lesson depending on your needs.

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3Check your knowledge and take a test

Each lesson should finish with a test that will provide you with an accurate result of your performance. It will consist of your score and time you needed to complete the test. You can take it any time before, during or after the lesson. Your best result will be saved by the system. It will available for you in your student zone where you can also find all the lessons you have purchased (including the free ones). Retake your tests regularly and try to improve your scores!



easy to understand explanations of business terms ranging from intermediate to advanced levels


a very broad vocabulary database; a huge number of expressions, words and idioms used in business situations


online lessons based on unique IT solutions committed to efficient e-learning


prices starting from 4.90 per one lesson, extra bonuses available for bulk (at least 3 lessons) purchases

Variable practice

different forms of practising new vocabulary: questions with multiple answers, correct or wrong sentences, matching tasks, scrambled words, word searches, (crosswords as bonuses)

Progress monitoring

tests that can be taken at any moment, measuring overall score and time

Diversity of topics

a wide range of topics subdivided into lessons covering all areas within one category enabling students to tailor-make the offer to their needs

Individual pace and duration

studying that can be stopped and resumed at any moment, full flexibility of choosing and/or skipping tasks to deal with, a possibility of building up knowledge of the subject gradually and systematically


I can only say is what I’ve been looking for for a long time. And finally it is there, available for me and my students. I can’t wait for new lessons to come. Your clear explanations are better than in textbooks. Many thanks and best regards from a teacher of Business English. Henri, France


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I am a student who wishes to thank you for the guidance you provide on your website. I learnt quite a handful of terms useful in financial environment. The tasks are interestingly planned and a great joy to learn from. Yelena, Russia


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A great opportunity to improve both language and business skills in a nice and enjoyable way. Additionally you can verify your progress. Himeka, Japan


Thank you, finally it’s a tool that provides me with everything I need, I can practise vocabulary as long as I wish. And there are a lot of tasks that help me in that. That’s the first website providing students with so much at a price we can afford. Lin Yu, Taiwan


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