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  • who are MBA students
  • willing to take exams in Business English (e.g. BEC, LCCI, ICFE, BULATS etc.) and obtain certificates recognized in international business environment
  • who wish to discover the world of business and are interested in economics, finance, management and the like

Business people

  • whose mastery of general English is not sufficient to stay competitive in an increasingly international business environment
  • who need more specialist vocabulary to become more efficient in business dealings
  • wishing to better their performance at work


  • who need to improve their knowledge of business issues
  • looking for ideas for Business English lessons
  • willing to obtain materials that can help them conduct more efficient Business English courses

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I can only say is what I’ve been looking for for a long time. And finally it is there, available for me and my students. I can’t wait for new lessons to come. Your clear explanations are better than in textbooks. Many thanks and best regards from a teacher of Business English. Henri, France


The materials are excellent, explanations simple for everybody to understand. I am not an expert in finance but as I work for a bank I need to understand basic financial issues. This site offers me everything I need. Cat, Begium


I am a student who wishes to thank you for the guidance you provide on your website. I learnt quite a handful of terms useful in financial environment. The tasks are interestingly planned and a great joy to learn from. Yelena, Russia


I wish I had found your website when I was a student. But even right now being a fresh graduate I find it very useful. Apprentice2000, Spain


Thanks to your website I feel my knowledge of Business English has improved a lot. I have just passed my exams in English for Finance. Student, Germany


I am a finance professional and I can say that this site is a real help for people like me willing to improve Business English skills. The number of diverse exercises and a wide range of expressions that are practised is really impressive. IY, Greece


This website is the best product I can imagine and a really great value for money. Ali Ahmed, Pakistan


A great opportunity to improve both language and business skills in a nice and enjoyable way. Additionally you can verify your progress. Himeka, Japan


Thank you, finally it’s a tool that provides me with everything I need, I can practise vocabulary as long as I wish. And there are a lot of tasks that help me in that. That’s the first website providing students with so much at a price we can afford. Lin Yu, Taiwan


I have come across your website and I cannot find words that would describe how useful it is. Let me try this: Just Awesome! EM, Sweden


Quality and quantity to price ratio is excellent! Great job guys! Abbi, Canada